General Terminology


Recruit | a student who attends recruitment to learn more about the fraternity, with interest in joining.

Pledge | A business/economics student or faculty who pledged to Delta Sigma Pi during a Pledging Ceremony and is working towards becoming an official member (Brother).

Brother | a member, male or female, of the fraternity.

Pledging Ceremony | reuired formal ceremony preceding the pledge process where invited students or faculty are presented with a pledge pin

Initiation | the final ceremony where a pledge becomes an official Brother of the fraternity.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can you be co-ed if you're a fraternity?

Delta Sigma Pi is the nation's first co-ed fraternity, in the sense that we’re an inclusive organization sharing ideals and objectives and functioning as part of the Professional Fraternity Association. We call all of our members "brothers" in an inclusive sense, to emphasize our unity and equality.


How are professional fraternities different than social fraternities, sororities, and campus clubs?

Professional fraternities are developed around the common goal to be ahead in the job application process after graduation. Every event that Delta Sigma Pi plans is created to better ourselves professionally. A professional fraternity such as Delta Sigma Pi offers an ideal balance of professionalism and social interaction.


Why should I join Delta Sigma Pi?

When you become a Deltasig, you gain more than just another resume builder. Delta Sigma Pi offers a vast Alumni network across the nation and around the world, with over 250,000 initiates, as well as the opportunity for professional and leadership development. The fraternity and its members will be a valuable resource and support system throughout your college and professional career.


What are the requirements to join?

1. Candidates must be a student in the College of Business & Economics

2. Minimum 2.5 GPA (excluding first semester freshmen)

3. At least 1 semester remaining before graduation (including current semester)


How much does it cost to join?

Initial pledge dues cost $126.00. However, fundraising done during the pledge period typically cover initial dues. After initiation, dues become $55 per semester.


What is the time commitment?

Attend bi-weekly chapter meetings, and particpate in chapter events. However, you'll get out of this experience whatever amount of time you decide to put in.


How often does the chapter recruit and is there a limit to how many pledge you take every semester? 

We recruit both Fall and Spring semesters during the first month and a half of school. There is no fixed number of candidates we take each semester. Decisions are made on an individual basis and bids are extended to those who we believe to be a good fit for our fraternity. 

Does membership end after graduation?

Once you are a member in good standing, you will be a member for life, the Fraternity becomes you lifetime resource. Your status turns into Alumni after graduation and there is no membership fee after you've graduated. Whether you've just graduated or are nearing retirement, we welcome your involvement in alumni chaptersnational leadership and events, and supporting the Fraternity through volunteeringphilanthropy, and sharing your expertise with the international network of Delta Sigma Pi members.


Hazing Policy

Delta Sigma Pi has long taken a stand against hazing in any form. 


Alcohol Policy

The possession, use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages during any Fraternity event or pledge process whether local, regional, provincial, national or international in scope, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by any chapter or by the Fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city, college and university.

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